Mun. Straseni is located in the Central Development Zone of the country, just 23 km from mun. Chisinau, this being one of the strong arguments in the decision to extend the “Balti” FEZ in the town. Straseni. Aware of the fact that large foreign companies need qualified labour force, which is mostly trained by educational institutions, concentrated in the mun. Chisinau. Proximity to the capital city allows the maximum use of its resources and potential.

In addition to this advantage, mun. Straseni, due to its location, also benefits from:
– Connection to all major transport routes and access to all logistically important areas;
– Direct access to national and international roads, including the national road Chisinau-Ungheni-Sculeni-Romanian border, the M14 Brest-Briceni-Chișinău motorway, the international road Chisinau-Leușeni;
– Access to the railway “Chisinau-Ungheni”.
The rayon of Straseni shares borders with other areas: Calarasi, Nisporeni, Hincesti, Ialoveni, Criuleni and Orhei. The district is composed of 39 localities of which: two cities, 25 communes and 12 villages.
The population of the district is 91.3 thousand people. Straseni municipality has a population of about 22 thousand inhabitants. Moreover, in the last period, the population of the municipality has been increasing. Straseni.

In Straseni there are more than 60 thousand employable people. This identifies a potential of available labour, which can be exploited by attracting investments in the free economic zone regime. It is important that more than 20% of the employable population are people with higher education, mainly from the municipality of Straseni, which is an advantage in negotiations with transnational corporations that are in the process of identifying new production sites.

Subzone no.4

Subzone no.4 – 1. V. Crăsescu str., Strășeni

Subzone no.5

Subzone no.5 – 49 A.Mateevici str., Strașeni

Subzone no.11

Subzone no.11 – Pănășești village, Straseni

Subzone no.12

Subzone no.12 – Straseni, (cadastral number 8001103045)

Subzone no.13

Subzone no.13 – or. Strășeni, str. Miron Costin nr. 2