On the territory of the Free Economic Zone “Balti” acts:
a) international agreements to which the Republic of Moldova is a party;
b) the legislation of the Republic of Moldova;
c) Government regulations;
d) normative acts of the Free Zone Administration.

The following types of activities can be carried out in the free economic zones of the Republic of Moldova:
1. Industrial production of goods, except for ethyl alcohol and alcoholic production
2. Sorting, packing, marking and other such operations with goods transiting through the customs territory of the Republic of Moldova
3. Foreign trade activity
4. Auxiliary types of activity, such as communal services, storage, construction, catering, etc., necessary for carrying out the activities indicated above

On the territory of free economic zones, it is prohibited:
the import of tobacco and tobacco products;
the manufacture of tobacco products;
production, transport and storage of arms;
• the production of ethyl alcohol (refined ethyl alcohol, ethyl alcohol of a strength exceeding 80% vol, ethyl alcohol of a strength of less than 80% vol, technical alcohol, denatured alcohol, raw and aged wine distillates, other ethyl alcohol derivatives) and alcohol production.
other activities prohibited by Moldovan legislation or by international agreements to which the Republic of Moldova is a party .