Social responsibility

“Balti” Free Economic Zone considers social responsibility as very important for the cohesion in society that can be achieved through active involvement in supporting cultural, social and institutional projects.

Thus, since the operation of the “Balti” FEZ, this responsibility has taken the concrete form of sponsorship and support of high schools and universities, both in terms of donations of sports equipment, as well as supporting the holding of cultural and artistic events. In this context, poetry festivals, scientific conferences, business forums and meetings, etc. were supported. Over the years, ZEL “Balti” has helped several state institutions on various occasions and at their request. Last but not least, the Zone considered it extremely important to support charitable causes, such as support for the Society of the Blind, or for individual cases related to the person’s serious health condition.

And in the future “Balti” FEZ, to the extent of its capabilities, will contribute to building a prosperous society not only through economic relations and investments for which it is directly responsible, but also through the support offered to various initiatives in the social field. We see this mission as an integral part of our attempt to contribute fully to building a free, prosperous and inclusive society.