Positioning advantages

Free economic zones have long proved their worth to the economies of many countries, which are either building or improving their economies.
The purpose of setting up a free economic zone is to foster economic development by attracting capital investment, for which conditions, such as tax concessions, are created.
Free access for goods to the country, combined with an easier tax regime on profits made in the zone, are thus favorable conditions for stimulating investment.
The advantages offered by the Free Economic Zone “Balti”, in addition to those offered by Moldovan legislation, are determined by the advantageous geographical position of the zone and include:
– Highly qualified and sufficient labour force (Balti is the second largest city after Chisinau, with a population of 148 thousand inhabitants);
– Available free land – 189 ha;
– Developed infrastructure;
– Location in close proximity to the international road route Chernivtsi – Chisinau – Odessa, and Marculesti Free Airport.

The “Balti” FEZ has the following infrastructure:
  • National and international road (E385) in close proximity;
  • Marculești International Free Airport at a distance of 30 km;
  • Giurgiulești International Free Port at a distance of 300 km;
  • Odessa International Port 300 km away;
  • High voltage power line;
  • High-pressure gas pipeline;
  • Drinking water supply;
  • Sewerage;
  • Fiber optic network for INTERNET data transmission and fixed telephony.