Terms and conditions

Resident of the free zone, may become any individual or legal entity registered by law as a subject of entrepreneurial activity in the Republic of Moldova.
Selection of residents shall be carried out by the Administration on the basis of a competition, taking into account the volume and nature of planned investments, the need to create the productive and non-productive infrastructure of the area, the maintenance of the free zone’s orientation towards the manufacture of industrial production for export, the territory and free land, the provision of labor, water, energy resources and other criteria.
The proposals of the candidates participating in the competition shall be submitted to the Administration of the Free Economic Zone “Balti” on 4 Industrial Street, Balti, in two copies (Romanian, Russian or English).
Set of documents for the competition
for obtaining the status of resident of the Free Economic Zone “Balti” 
In accordance with Government Decision No 686 of 30 May 2002, candidates shall present a set of documents for the competition, in two copies (state language, Russian or English) which shall include:
  1. Application, addressed to the Chief Administrator, concerning admission to the competition;
  2. Copy of Extract issued by the State Registration Chamber;
  3. Copy of document confirming payment of participation fee*
  4. Investment project or business plan for 2-3 years, which will take into consideration the activity in the free zone;
  5. Agreement to participate in the development of the territory (infrastructure) of the free zone (as appropriate, depending on the activity conditions of the potential resident) ;
  6. Copy of the valid identity document of the Company’s administrator or Power of Attorney on the name of the person authorized to act on behalf of the candidate for the competition and to sign the legal documents (copy of the valid identity documents of the proxy and the administrator);
  7. Candidates who do not own title of property within the free zone shall present a pre-contract in which there shall be stipulated conditions for the rent of space
  8. Agreement of sponsorship (sample);
  9. Balance sheet for the last reporting period
*Participation fee – 400 Euros, the payment will be done in MDL at the rate of the NBM at the day of payment.
The account for payment:
Bank: Victoriabank SA, fil. nr.1, mun. Bălţi 
Bank Code: VICBMD2X740
Account: MD59VI000002224801435MDL
Beneficiary: Zona Economică Liberă ”BĂLŢI”
Tax Code: 1021601000045
The payment destination: Participation fee for the resident selection contest.
*Participation fee will not be reimbursed in case that candidate will not pass.

Participation request

Participation in infrastructure development confirmation

Sponsorship confirmation