Ștefan Vodă


Stefan Voda district is located in the southeastern part of the Republic of Moldova at a distance of 100 km from Chisinau. The district borders on the north-west with the district of Causeni, on the north-east with the district of Slobozia and on the south with Ukraine. The length of the district border is 277.56 km, of which: with Ukraine – 166.65 km, with Causeni district – 42.81 km and with Slobozia district – 68.1 km. The length of the district border on the Nistru River is 126.82 km.

Figure 1. Stefan Voda District

Stefan Voda city is located in the southeastern part of the Republic of Moldova, 105 km from Chisinau. From three sides, the city is in close proximity to Ukraine. It is 45 km to the city of Tighina and 27 km to the railway station in Causeni.

Stefan Voda district cannot be characterized as a district with a diversified industry, most of the production base being generated by industrial activities associated with the processing of agricultural production, and the creation here of the sub-area of the “Balti” FEZ can contribute to the development of new industrial areas.
The district’s industrial base consists of 40 enterprises, of which only one can be classified as a large enterprise according to the Law on SMEs.

The district’s industry is 82.3% manufacturing industry, but in fact practically all the industry is manufacturing, as the difference up to 100% is the production and supply of electricity and heat, gas, hot water and air conditioning.

The volume of industrial production per capita was approx. 93% of the regional average in 2016 (3.1 thousand lei), and the industrial sector, with the exception of 2-3 larger enterprises, is highly fragmented, being represented by a relatively large number of small/micro enterprises.

The evolution of industrial production in Stefan Voda district confirms the industrial potential of the region, although it is considered a predominantly agricultural district.
The establishment of the Balti FEZ will help to exploit the industrial potential of the Stefan Voda district, which is currently developing in a more chaotic manner and far below the industrial potential that could be exploited.

Subzone no. 10

Subzone no.10 – 1A Cetatea Alba str., Stefan Voda