The Rezina district is located along the Nistru River, on the right bank, in the northeastern part of the country. Rezina Raion is bordered by the neighboring districts of Orhei, Soldanesti, Telenesti and Rabnitsa and is named after the city of Rezina, the administrative center of the district of the same name in the Republic of Moldova. The built-up area of the city is about 4.83 square kilometers, with a perimeter of 12.96 km. The administrative subordination of Rezina includes the villages of Boșernița, Ciorna and Stohnaia. Rezina is located at a distance of 100 km from Chisinau municipality. Rezina rayon has a total of 41 localities, including the town of Rezina. The localities are divided into 25 municipalities. The Rezina City Hall also includes 3 rural localities – Ciorna, Stohnaia and Boșernița.

Total area: 621.7947 km2.

Population: the Rezina district has 52.6 thousand inhabitants, of which:
– urban population – 13,53 thousand people;
– rural population – 39.06 thousand people;
– density – 84,5 persons/ km2.

Ethnic composition of the population:
– Moldovans – 93.0%;
– Ukrainians – 3.5%;
– Russians – 2.3%;
– Gagauz – 0.1%;
– Romanians – 0.8%;
– Bulgarians – 0.1%;
– other nationalities – 0.2%.

Rezina is an agrarian area and has 43,471 thousand ha of agricultural land. These lands are managed and worked by 55 economic agents in agriculture. The overall volume of agricultural production in all categories of households in current prices reached the level of 458277 thousand lei.

Subzone no.14

Subzone nr.14 – 40 Dacia str., Rezina