Cimislia district is located in the southern region of the Republic of Moldova. The district centre is represented by the city of Cimislia, founded on 11 November 1940. The district is bordered to the north by the districts of Hincesti and Ialoveni, to the east by Causeni, to the south by Gagauzia and Basarabeasca, and to the west by Leova. The total area of the district is 92.4 thousand ha. The district includes 39 localities, including 38 villages and one town, organized in 23 Territorial Administrative Units.

Figure 1: Cimislia district

The city of Cimislia is located in the southern part of the Republic of Moldova, in the Cimislia district on the banks of the Cogâlnic river, 68 km from the capital Chisinau, at the intersection of roads of republican importance: Chisinau – Bolgrad, Chisinau – Giurgiulesti, Tiraspol – Leova, being 30 km from Comrat, 57 km from Causeni, 35 km from Hincesti, 28 km from Basarabeasca and 52 km from Leova.

The Cimislia rayon cannot be characterised as a poorly industrialised rayon, which is yet another reason for creating an FEZ subzone.

81.5% of the district’s industry is represented by manufacturing industry, but in fact practically all of it is manufacturing, since the difference up to 100% is the production and supply of electricity and heat, gas, hot water and air conditioning.

The presence of the “Balti” FEZ subzone in this district will contribute to the recovery of the situation by attracting significant foreign investment, but possibly also by the concept of industrial agglomeration of small enterprises in an industrial park, which in the future can serve to expand the business itself and attract new industrial companies.

It will also contribute to the development of the industrial potential of the district of Cimislia, which at the moment shows a more chaotic development and far below the industrial potential that could be exploited.

Attracting investors to the Cimislia subzone will have major fiscal, economic, social, administrative and environmental impacts on the development of the region. Among the most important impacts we mention: (i) increase of the total annual revenues to the public budget by at least 24.7 million lei annually, (ii) investments of at least 175 million lei and a turnover of the residents of the sub-area of at least 300 million lei annually, (iii) creation of at least 750 new jobs.

Subzone no. 18

Subzone no.18 – or. Cimișlia, str. Nicolae Iorga