Mun. Balti or “Northern Capital” of Moldova is the second largest city of the Republic of Moldova and an important center of socio-economic development of the country. It is also the center of the Northern Development Region.
With a population of over 127 thousand inhabitants, Balti is an important source of skilled labor thanks to the diverse educational offer represented by higher education, specialized and vocational institutions. Balti has three higher education institutions, six colleges, five vocational schools and one vocational school.
About 8% of the total number of students in the Republic of Moldova are studying in the higher education institutions of Balti.
Secondary vocational education plays a special role in preparing qualified staff to meet the requirements of the labor market. The network of municipal secondary vocational education units consists of five vocational schools and one trade school with more than 3200 students, both in Balti and in other localities in the country. Every year, more than 1 600 students are enrolled in the vocational schools, sometimes as many as 2 000.

There are six colleges in the field of specialized secondary education: the Pedagogical College “Ion Creanga”, the College of Medicine, the College of Light Industry, the Railway Technical College, the Polytechnic College and the Musical-Pedagogical College.

Subzone no.1

Subzone no.1 – 86 Dovator str., Balti

Subzone no.2

Subzone no. 2 – 4 Industriala str., Balti

Subzone no.3

Subzone no. 3 – 1 Aerodromului str., Balti